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New Moon Circle in GEMINI - 6/6


Bring a friend and save $5 on each ticket! (Tickets must be bought in the same transaction) 


Join Ricki, Aries and special guest reader Ace of Light as we gather under the New Moon in Gemini! 

This New Moon Circle is designed to help you set powerful intentions, connect with your inner wisdom, and build new connections with like-minded souls.

Expect an evening filled with community, creativity, and spiritual growth.

Come prepared to share, connect, and set intentions that will blossom under the Gemini New Moon’s influence.

Whether you're new to moon circles or a seasoned practitioner, this gathering promises to be a transformative and uplifting experience!

🔮 What's in Store for You:

🌿 Smoke Cleansing:

  • Begin the evening with a purifying smoke cleansing ritual to clear away old energies and make space for new beginnings. 

🎨 Pass the Painting (to Take Home):

  • Engage in a collaborative art activity where we create a communal painting. Each participant will contribute their unique touch, and you’ll get to take a piece of this beautiful artwork home as a memento of our shared experience.

🔮 1 Card Pull & Collective Message with Ace of Light:

  • Receive personal guidance through a one-card tarot pull per person, followed by a collective message delivered by Ace of Light. 

Crystal Sound Bath:

  • Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of a crystal sound bath. Allow the healing frequencies to balance your energy, calm your mind, and enhance your intentions for the New Moon.

🍓 Fruit, Tea & Refreshments:

  • Enjoy a selection of fresh fruits, tea, and light refreshments. Nourish your body and connect with others in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.

🛍️ 15% Off Store Discount (Valid Same Day):

  • Take advantage of a special 15% discount on all store items, available only on the day of the event. Find the perfect crystals, tools, and treasures to support your journey and intentions. (Excludes Local Artisan products)


Tickets are non-refundable - if you cannot make it please let us know and we can offer you a credit towards the next event. 

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